Brad Fullington: Your Personal CFO

Concierge Family Office provides premier services to premier athletes. We’ve worked with professional athletes for two decades and we have a track record of successfully helping them manage all areas of their financial life. What makes Concierge Family Office different is that we are a fee-only and athlete-exclusive concierge firm. From investments and life insurance to vacations and family relocations, we take care of you and your family. We truly work for you and you alone. We are your Personal CFO.

Where most financial service providers charge commissions and focus on just one aspect of your life, (Investments, life insurance, stocks, bonds, taxes, real estate, relocation, etc.), we focus on you and all aspects of your life. We never charge commissions and we always strive to eliminate any unnecessary costs to you. In other words, we are the Personal CFO of the corporation that is you.


Concierge: A person who does things on another person’s behalf. Someone who provides special services and takes care of a client’s every need. A concierge has a unique skill set and often acts as a representative of the person he works for, protecting his or her interests.

With our exclusive MyConcierge.Life platform, athletes can view and manage every aspect of their financial life, identify growth opportunities and access the information they need on demand. The information is at their fingertips every hour of every day from a computer, tablet or phone. MyConcierge.Life is a next-generation interactive wealth management platform specifically for athletes featuring an intuitive interface, powerful integrations and multiple financial planning options. And all of our information is backed by modern data centers using industry-best security and encryption.

Our clients will tell you that Concierge Family Office becomes a trusted part of their team. We go hunting together, we go fishing together and we know each other on a personal level. There’s a bond and relationship between us and the people we work with that is rare in today’s world. Let us show you the difference between having a “financial advisor” and having a Personal CFO.

Family Fishing With Your Personal CFO